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Cold Room Installation

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel or Color steel
Thickness panel75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Thickness of steel 0.426mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Bitzer and Copeland
Door type Sliding door and Hinge door
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Cold Room Installation

Cold room installation is the process to install PU panel wall, ceiling, floor, cold room door, unit cooler and refrigeration unit installation, etc. Some customers worry about  the install process of cold room, it is not a complicated project, please let us introduce our cold room installation case in Ghana, you will understand how to assemble PU panels, PU insulated doors and refrigeration units.

PU panel installation
PU panels are connected by cam-locks, there are some holes on panels which are the hook latch position,we tight them by tools.
Each PU panel size is designed depending on cold room size. We send you installation drawing of the panels and doors.
First step we assemble floor panels, second step corner panels, third step wall panels, forth step door frame and doors (hinged door have this step, sliding door at last step), fifth step ceiling panels.

Cold Room Installation

Sliding Door Installation
Install the sliding door frame, keep the door frame level with the installation hole of wall panel.
Install the railing on top.
Install the door onto the slide, adjusting the height and position.
Install the the railing at bottom accordingly.

Cold Room Installation

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