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Commercial Freezer Room

Color White
Wall PU sandwich panels
Steel materialStainless steel or Color steel
Thickness panel75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Thickness of steel 0.426mm
Refrigerant R404 a
Compressor brand Bitzer and Copeland
Door type Sliding door and Hinge door
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Commercial Freezer Room

Commercial Freezer Room is very the efficient storage facility for frozen products such as frozen meat, frozen seafood, etc. Foods can be kept for a long time with the help of commercial freezer room, it is very helpful for fresh food business development. Some customers want to cool down the temperature of commercial freezer room quickly within a regular time. But it needs time, let me list some reasons for that.

Commercial freezer room

1. PU sandwich panels of commercial freezer room don’t work well

Firstly the thickness of PU sandwich panel for the commercial freezer room is not thin enough, so the insulation effect is poor. Secondly the density of PU sandwich panel is not enough. If frost occurs in the seal of commercial freezer room door, it means that seal is not tight. In addition, frequent switching of commercial freezer room doors or more people come into and go out from the commercial freezer room will also increase the cooling consumption, so let’s try to avoid opening the door frequently. If large quantity products are loaded into the commercial freezer room, the thermal load increases sharply. The commercial freezer room needs to take a long time to cool down to the specified temperature.

Commercial freezer room

2. The frost of the evaporator is serious, or dusty is excessive, the heat transfer effect will reduce.

Because the evaporator temperature of commercial freezer room is lower than 0℃, and the humidity of commercial freezer room is high, the moisture in the air is easily frosted on the surface of the evaporator, which affects the heat transfer effect . To prevent more thicker frost on the fin surface of evaporator, we need to set defrost time periodically.


3. Refrigerant is not enough in the system, cooling capacity is poor.

There are two main reasons for the insufficient refrigerant circulation. Firstly, the refrigerant charge is not enough, in this case, we just fill in sufficient refrigerant in system. Secondly, the refrigerant leaks seriously in the system, in case of this situation, we need to find the leakage point and seal it soon.

4. Low efficiency of compressor, the cooling capacity cant meet the commercial freezer room load requirements

Due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the components such as the cylinder liner and the piston ring are severely worn, the gap is increased, the sealing performance is reduced accordingly, the gas transmission coefficient of the compressor is also reduced, so the cooling capacity is reduced. When the cooling capacity is less than the heat load of cool room, temperature will cool down slowly. We could observe the suction and exhaust pressure of the compressor to judge refrigeration capacity of the compressor. If the refrigeration capacity of the compressor drops down, the common method is that replacing the cylinder liner and piston ring of the compressor, If it can’t be effective after replacement, we need to disassemble and repair it.

Condensing unit
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