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Cold Room/Cold Storage Door Automatic/Manual Sliding Door

Sliding Door MaterialInsulated PU panel
Open DirectionLeft Or Right
Thickness of Sliding door100MM,150MM,200MM
Sliding Door HardwareStainless Steel,Galvanized Steel
Safety SystemEscape Device
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Features of OnlyKem cold room sliding door with PU panel

1.Sliding door is equipped with escape device system.

2.Can be customized according to customer’s actual situation.

3.The internal component is PU panel with better insulation effect, poor thermal conductivity and long service time

4.According to customer’s actual situation, the external material can be customized.  304 stainless steel, galvanized steel and 316 stainless steel are optional. OnlyKem cold room sliding door has the characteristics of Good stability, anti corrosion and beautiful.

5.For large size cold room, it is convenient for customers to use forklift, loading and unloading

6.Sliding smooth, durable.

7.Good impact resistance, increased the strength of the door.

8.The sealed insulation property effect is good. Save electricity.

9.Stainless steel accessories. Anti – corrosion, beautiful and long service life.

10.Reasonable packaging to ensure long- distance transport quality.

Detailed information of OnlyKem cold room sliding door with PU panel

Cold room door panel is joined together by means of tongue and groove and locked together by cam – lock on each side of the pu panel to ensure air tight joints.

Cam-lock design fastener to install with the cold room tightly and strongly.

Silica gel are used on the cold room door panel edge of the joint parts of each sandwich panel to ensure perfect sealing to avoid the cooling air leakage from the cool room for moisture inside the PU insulated panel for the best refrigeration and frozen storage result.

Product feature Standard configuration Options
Door leaf RAL9010 color steel panel Green yellow red blue color steel or SS 304
Door edge Aluminum alloy Stainless steel
Lead rail Aluminum alloy Stainless steel
Door frame Plastic wood PVC
Door sill / /
Door lock / ART. 94
Double door / Can be provided
Electric system / Full set of MTH automatic system
Porthole / Can be provided

Auto sliding door or common sliding door size :

Door thickness 75mm,100mm,150mm, 200mm
Name width (mm) height (mm)
Sliding door 900 1800
1200 2000
1500 2200
1800 2400
2600 2800
1800 2500
3000 3000

Specification of cold room sliding door:

Cold room door material 100% polyurethane foaming material BASF
Cold room door  density 43kg/m
Thickness 75mm,100mm,150mm, 200mm
Steel plate optional Painted galvanized steel, stucco embossed aluminum, stainless steel
Door type optional Flush door,convex hinged door, electric / manual sliding door , glass door , swing door

Types of OnlyKem cold room sliding door with PU panel

There are many types sliding door like single leaf sliding door, double leaf sliding door, automatic sliding door and manual sliding door etc. All of them are designed with easy to operate escape system.

Double leaf OnlyKem cold room sliding door with PU panel. Can be customized as bigger size. Suitable for big cold room project.

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