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Cold Storage Sliding Door Cold Room Door

Thermal Insulation0.018~0.029W/(M/K)
Surface Material of Sliding Door PPGI/Embossed Aluminium/Stainless Steel
Panel Thickness 75mm/100mm/120mm/150mm
Opening Direction Left, Right, Double Opening
Drive Manual or Electricity Control
Safety Device Emergency Escape Lock
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Cold Storage Sliding Door Cold Room Door
There are two types of sliding door, manual sliding door and electric sliding door. It has good sealing, and long life span, usually used for medium to large size of cold room, and there is safety lock on it for escaping from inside.
Product Paramenters
Parameters of sliding door
Temperature of cold room
Surface metal of door panel
PPGI/Color steel, Stainless steel, etc.
Inside material
Environmental PU with high density and fire resistance
Thickness of door panel
Size of door opening
Way of control
Manual or electric
Way of opening
Left-open, right-open, double-open
Safety lock
For escape from cold room
Sealing strip
Magnetic strips inside soft plastic for good sealing
Electric heating wire
For preventing frosting of low temperature cold room
Observation window
For observing situation inside cold room (Optional)
Product advantage
1. Escape system will keep you safe, you can open cold room door from inside when it is closed.
2. The core material of cold room door is polyurethane, so they have good sealing and insulation
3. It is easy to install cold room door.
4. For cold room with low temperature, cold room door can be equipped with electric heating wire in door
frame to prevent frosting.
5. Cold room door can be covered with embossed aluminum steel additionally for longer service life.
Different Style of Cold Room Door
Why Choose Us
Heating wire
We have carefully selected to make the performance of the heating wire more stable, and will not cause leak cold or other problems due to the problem of the heating wire.
Connecting Edging
We have optimized the aluminum frame and the connecting edging to reduce the cold transfer as much as possible to ensure the performance.
Production Stability
Establish an independent warehousing production system and use our more than 10 years of experience to ensure the stable quality of each door. Installation Guidance The installation guidance we provide allows you to install easily, and will not affect the performance of the door due to installation problems.
Product Applications
Product Packaging and Delivery
Cold room panels(PU sandwich panel) and doors will be packed by PVC film, refrigeration equipment will be packed by wooden case. Your cargos will be delivered to you safely and quickly. We'll also choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.
Company Profile
OnlyKem Technology Co., Ltd.is the leading cold room and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality cold room solutions to worldwide customers. As a company with more than ten years of overall cold room solutions, we have the responsibility to use our experience to promote the development of the industry, so that every customer can buy satisfactory products.We also welcome you to know about our overall cold room solutions.We will use our more than 5,000 customers and more than 10,000 cold room design solutions to help you. Innovation and vitality have allowed us to continue to advance in the refrigeration industry until today.We are committed to let everyone enjoy a fresh life and look forward to you becoming one of us. OnlyKem Fresh Life With You Always.

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