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1600 ㎡ V Type Air Cooled Condenser to Chile

2017-06-02 14:38:002187


After 20 days busy production, today this 1600 m2 V Type Air Cooled Condenser was loaded in our factory. This is the first time we produce so large air cooled condenser. It is a huge challenge for us, but after all efforts, finally we did it.
Our customer of Chile is professional refrigeration engineering company. He designs and produces their rack condensing unit with Bitzer compressor by their own technology. Now only import V type air cooled condenser from us. In future, customer also would like to cooperate rack condensing unit with us.
The main business of this customer is refrigeration system for supermarket, now have three companies in Chile, Peru and Argentina. At this time, will install our air cooled condenser in Chile city which is near the sea. So our engineer chose hydrophilic aluminum foil which is better for anticorrosion. Considering energy and cost save when engineer designed and suggested EC fan which is also low noise and stable working for this 1600 m2 V Type Air Cooled Condenser.
About welding, we used brand welding rod with 5% silver. Under this way, customer needn’t worry long time shipping and leak during ship and work. After all our tests, especially pressure test, we have more confidence with our weld.

air cooled condenser

After this 1600 m2 V Type Air Cooled Condenser, OnlyKem gets more confidence with our professional design and stable production. We would like to create more and change more, only for your professional usage and need.


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