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Cold Storage Room Walk In Cooler Freezer Room Price

Defrosting WayHot Gas / Electric
Surface Material Galvanized Steel/Stainless Steel
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Cold Storage Room Walk In Cooler Freezer Room Price
Product Description

Introduction of cold storage:

Cold storage is a warehouse that artificially generates a specific temperature. It is usually designed to store products in an environment below the outside temperature. Combination cold room was assembled by PU panels,cold room at the same time has good air tightness and heat insulation effect.

According to the requirements of use of thermal insulation and cold room panel place is different, can choose different size and the thickness of the material according to the requirements of panel products.

Cold storage features: 1. Temperature range: for Vegetables and Fruits -5°C+5°C are all available; for Meat and Seafood -18°C. 2.Size: Customization. 3. Function: preservation, freezing, quick freezing. 4. Good performance, low noise and high reliability.

Product Details
75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Standard: 950mm
Customization Available
Maximum 10m without connection
PU Parameters
Density ≥ 42kg/m³
Flame Retardent Time ≤ 5s
Hook Distance = 900mm
Color Steel
0.326mm 0.376mm 0.426mm 0.476mm
Stainless Steel
0.4mm 0.5mm
Embossed Aluminium
0.7mm 0.8mm
Condensing Unit
Condensing Unit
•Compressor Optional:Original German Bitzer Brand
•Condenser:Air cooled or Water cooled(for higher ambient temperature)
•Frame:can be stell shell with spray painting or open type on stell frame
220V/1PH/50HZ or 60HZ 380V-415V/3Ph/50HZ or 60HZ 220V~415V/3PH/60HZ
•Refrigerant:R22/R404a/R410a •Capacity:Singe compressor 2HP-50HP
Cold Room Door
Hinged door: the standard size is 0.8 m wide and 1.8 m high, we accept customization, but its width should not exceed 1.2 m.
Sliding door: the standard size is 1.5 m in width and 2 m in height, very convenient for trolley get in and out. It is often used
in larger freezer, such as 6 m in length and 5 m width.
Double swing door: if the width exceeds 1.2 m, we recommend double swing door. It can even the weight of hinge and extend service
Unit Cooler
• Shell: Steel with spraying,Aluminum,SS304•Temperature:DL -5~5℃(fin space 4.5mm)
DD -15~-20℃(fin space 6.0mm) DJ -25℃(fin space 9.0mm)
•Defrosting:Hot Gas,Electric Heater
DL 2.2-122KW
•Fins:Blue fins,better heat exchane effects
•Water Receiver:Double
Customer Feedback
Customized Service
In order to offer you the exactly product and price, pls let me know these information as follows : 1. What is the cold room dimensions ? 2. What kind of food to store ? 3. Which country to use the cold room ? 4. EXW/FOB/CIF price ?
Product packaging
The protective packaging of the Smart Packaged Unit:
1. Wooden box: fix the compressor and fan to prevent shaking
2. Bottom support: easy to load and unload to prevent packaging damage
The protective packaging of the PU Panel:
1, film packaging to prevent moisture, rust and transportation scratches
2. Four-corner cardboard protection to prevent impact
3, neatly placed, avoid shaking
Company Profile
Onlykem Technology Co., Ltd is the leading cold room and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter, which dedicated in supplying finest quality Cold Room, Blast Freezer, Unit Cooler, Condensing Unit, Door and PU Panel, etc. Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to all our partners.
We can produce and supply Grade A spec cold storage units for hygienic food processing environments through to large industrial cold stores and walk in cold rooms, whatever your requirements - OnlyKem can provide you with a cold storage solution that meets your exact needs.

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