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Fiji Cold Room for Ice Cream

2017-02-25 13:59:3913238

General Information:

1. Ambient Temperature of Fiji: Normally 18~272. Cold Room Dimension: 5m*5m*2.5m

3. Usage: Cold Room for Ice Cream by engineering company 4. Cold Room Inside Temperature: -25

5. Max Operation Current: 9.73A

OnlyKem Solution:

-- 200 mm PUF panel with 0.5 mm thickness galvanized steel; -- Electrical panel;     Danfoss TX valve;

-- 0.8m*1.8m cold room hinged door; -- 5 mm thickness anti-skidding aluminum plate for floor;

-- Copeland ZSI scroll compressor refrigeration unit; -- Low temperature LED light

-- Electrical defrost air cooled evaporator with axial fan;

Advantage of cold room for ice cream:

1. Excellent thermal insulation with CFC FREE PU panel

2. Low noise with Emerson Copeland scroll compressor

3. Consuming low power because of reasonable refrigeration system design

4. Easy installation with CAD drawing and cam-lock

5. Convenient maintenance

OnlyKem can supply professional cold room design, one stop solution with cold room and cold room installation for you. 

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