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USA Cold Room for Beer

2017-03-25 16:27:5312749

General Information:

Ambient Temp. of New York: Highest Temp. 23 ℃;

Beer Cold Room Dimension: 6m*4m*3m

Usage: Cold Room for Draft Beer Factory;

Cold Room Inside Temp.: 3

Humidity in Beer Cold Room: 75%.

OnlyKem Solution:

100 mm CFC FREE PU panel with 0.5 mm thickness galvanized steel;

1.8m*2.5m cold room sliding door;

XPS and concrete floor, because of forklift in beer cold room;

Copeland ZB scroll compressor refrigeration unit;

Electrical defrost air cooled evaporator with axial fan;

Electrical panel for refrigeration unit;

Danfoss TX valve;

Humidifier for Humidity Control

Note of Cold Room for Beer:

1. Beer need a shady and cool place for storage, can’t be under sunshine.

2. Beer Cold Room need control humidity about 75%.

3. Must be far away fire. Because of alcohol in beer, be careful with blast.

4. Draft beer need 0~8 0c for 8 days, fermented beer need 10~20 0c for 60 days in cold room.

OnlyKem one stop solution for your cold room, anytime… anywhere…

cold room for beer

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