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Cold Room Installation in Myanmar

2017-05-23 09:29:153570
Today, new cold room installation for food was finished by our own engineers in Myanmar.

Two weeks ago, all components for cold room installation were arrived at Myanmar. When our engineers arrived and found everything put orderly in site.

cold room installation

The general company of this customer is in Vietnam, has a lot of branches in different countries. At this time, Myanmar branch need four cold rooms for food. One is pre-cooling room, two cold rooms for meat with -20 0c, the rest cold room for beverage with 5℃.

Considering cost and energy save, we chose original Bitzer compressor condensing units for meat cold rooms, original Copeland compressor condensing units for pre-cooling room and beverage cold room.

After two weeks hard work, now finished all PU panel and cold room sliding door connection and seal, also installed whole refrigeration system and electrical system. Today charged R404A refrigerant and refrigerant oil. After final check by our refrigeration engineers, began to test run for cold rooms one by one. After one hour, every cold room reached specific temperature and worked very well. Our customer said:” OnlyKem, Great Job!”
After one month, our engineers need come to Vietnam general company for new cold room installation. We appreciate our honored customers very much with their so kind encourage and trust.

For cold room, OnlyKem are professional grade, we know how and why.

cold room in Myanmar

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